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Annual Report

2018 Annual report

If you would like to order a printed copy of any of these reports, please write to:

The Bursar
Sydney Grammar School
College Street, Darlinghurst
NSW 2010 Australia

Privacy Policy and Collection Notices

Privacy Policy and Collection Notices

Australian Government Funding

Australian Government Funding

Grammar Newsletter

The Grammar Newsletter is published fortnightly with the support of the Fathers’ Association and is emailed to all current College Street families.

It is the principal channel through which the School communicates with parents and contains important announcements and updates as well as a calendar of forthcoming events.

The Grammar Newsletter is available via the Parent Portal.

SGS magazine

SGS magazine promotes news and events in the Grammar community and is published twice a year.

SGS magazine is published biannually – there is a Winter and Summer edition – and contains news of events at Grammar and other articles of interest. Please click cover below to view or download a PDF file of that issue.

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Foundations magazine

Prior to SGS magazine, Foundations magazine was published in June and November each year. Click below each edition to view or download a pdf file.

  • Download Issue 51 November 2014 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 50 June 2014 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 49 November 2013 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 48 June 2013 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 47 November 2012 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 46 June 2012 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 45 November 2011 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 44 June 2011 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 43 November 2010 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 42 June 2010 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 41 November 2009 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 40 June 2009 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 39 November 2008 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 38 November 2008 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 37 November 2007 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 36 June 2007 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 35 November 2006 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 34 June 2006 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 33 November 2005 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 32 May 2005 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 31 November 2004 Foundations.
  • Download Issue 30 June 2005 Foundations.

Please note: These files are large and download time may vary depending on your connection speed. For a faster download: Right click on the link (or click and hold for mac users) Click on "Save Target As"

The Sydneian

The Sydneian is the official journal of record of the School year.

School periodical – established 1875

Editions from 1875–1979. For editions from 1980 onwards, please contact SGSArchives@sydgram.nsw.edu.au

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Notes for Parents

This booklet contains statements of the School’s current practice and policy in a number of areas for the information and guidance of parents. In none of these areas is it a comprehensive statement, and it does not seek to be an exhaustive code. The contents of this booklet may be changed at any time, subject to law.

All the information presented here will be reviewed as necessary, and should be read in conjunction with the School Rules as they appear in the Diary. I hope you find the Notes useful. >>Read more

Dr RB Malpass

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