There has been coverage from one media outlet very recently regarding the horrific attack which occurred in Pyrmont a few days ago. Coverage from that media outlet indicated that a boy from Sydney Grammar School was involved in this attack. That media outlet contacted the School by email for comment. In that email the name of the alleged Sydney Grammar School boy was included. The name included is not a Sydney Grammar School boy. We immediately advised this media outlet of this fact.

Fathers' Association

The Fathers’ Association was formed in 1961. Its mission is to give support to activities for boys outside the classroom. We also provide an informal link between the School, boys, Masters and parents.

Role and Contribution

Contributions by the Fathers’ Association cover every aspect of School life and include:

  • Arranging informal functions which provide parents with the opportunity to meet others at the School, discuss issues and make friends;
  • Support of the arts, sport, cadets and many other activities offered at the School;
  • Providing the boys with tangible support through the provision of the BBQ at home games at Weigall.
  • Fundraising events to provide for funding of a wide range of activities for the boys at the School.

Every father of a boy at the School is encouraged to join the Fathers’ Association. Even if you have time constraints and are not able to contribute as a committee member, your membership will be rewarded through seeing the activities of the Association continue to flourish.

Our planned activities this year include:

  • Hosting the Prefects’ Dinner
  • Providing support at the Welcome to Form I Parents Evening
  • Providing support at the Careers Night
  • Hosting the Masters’ Dinner
  • Running the Weigall BBQ, considered to be the best BBQ across all GPS venues! Details on the BBQ and how to volunteer to assist can be found at

To show your support for the Association, please join the Sydney Grammar Fathers’ Association by visiting for Life Membership. At the web site, you will also be able to indicate your support to help in any of the following: Committee, Weigall Barbeque, Fundraising or Functions.

Please join us for our meetings on the first Thursday of every month during term time, beginning at 6.00 pm. Meetings generally last no longer than an hour and are held in a convivial and constructive atmosphere.

Please visit website for further information.

Committee Contact Details
Mr Matthew Budden Phone: 0418 886 129
Mr Christopher Brennan Phone: 0421 055 180
Mr Geoff Plaisted Phone: 0404 331 878
Mr Peter Richardson Phone: 0423 365 165

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