Army Cadet Corps

Sydney Grammar School Cadet Corps has two aims:

  1. To introduce boys to living in the field and such activities as orienteering, roping, navigation and first aid;
  2. To provide older boys with the opportunity to learn and practise leadership through taking on the responsibility for younger boys and the day to day operation of the Corps.


Cadet training is based on the development of self reliance within a disciplined framework. The Cadet Corps is structured in such a way that boys exercise leadership as Cadet Under Officers, Sergeants and Corporals.


Cadet training is every Friday afternoon, during Terms I-III, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. There is a two night camp during the last three days of Term I and a week long camp in the first week of the School Holidays at the end of Term III. The Cadet training year concludes after the Ceremonial Parade on the first day of Term IV. A Promotions Course, for boys in Forms III-V, is conducted during Term IV for those who wish to continue with Cadets.


The School levies an annual charge of $400.00, included on your Second Term account, for Cadet membership to meet costs.


Leave will only be granted for urgent reasons and not, for example, for medical or dental appointments which have been made some time before. Cadets requesting leave should do so by Wednesday of the week concerned at the latest.


We do not issue boys with a pack, wet weather garments, nor do we provide a sleeping bag.

Cadet arrangements are subject to change. Significant changes will be notified to parents where practicable.

For any Army Cadet related queries please

Major (AAC)
Officer Commanding

2024 Key dates for Army Cadets

Bivouac reconnaissance
(Form V and VI cadets only)
Sunday 11 February
BivouacMonday 8 April – Wednesday 10 April (return to Grammar by 1600hrs)
Kings Birthday weekend
No Army Cadets
Friday 7 June
Last day of Term II
No Army Cadets
Friday 28 June
Cadet Camp reconnaissance
(Form V and VI cadets only)
Sunday 28 July
Annual CampThursday 26 September – Wednesday 2 October (1700hrs)
Please note: This is the first week of the holidays
Army Cadet Ceremonial Parade RehearsalsFriday 20 September Period 6 and 7 (W) until 5:30pm
Army Cadet Ceremonial Parade RehearsalsTBA Period 6 and 7 (W)
Army Cadet Ceremonial ParadeTBA Weigall 3:30pm
Form VI Dining In Night (UUSC) School eventFriday 18 October 1930hrs for 2000hrs


Australian Air Force Cadets

The Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) aims to promote an interest in aviation and the development of leadership through involvement in various courses and activities. The Squadron consists of boys in Forms II - VI and girls from SCEGGS Darlinghurst.

306 Squadron runs after school each Friday during term. The training programme begins at 1530hrs, and final parade ends at around 1800hrs. Some optional activities are conducted on nominated weekends through the year and the compulsory camps are held at the end of Terms I and III. Familiarity with the RAAF and its role is an important part of AAFC training.

The lessons take the form of:

  • fieldcraft
  • survival
  • aircraft recognition
  • aviation
  • radio communications
  • service knowledge
  • drill and ceremonial

The activities include:

  • air familiarisation flights (with instructor)
  • rock climbing
  • rifle shooting
  • navigational orienteering
  • radio communications exercises
  • leadership exercises
  • practising what has been learned in the lessons
  • camps in the bush and on Defence Force bases

Some useful links:

Craig Beckett

AAFC 306SQN Commanding Officer

Matthew Glozier

AAFC 306SQN Liaison Officer

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