Dedicated Staff

The School is governed by a Board of Trustees, appointed in accordance with the terms set out in the Sydney Grammar School Act of 1854.

The Trustees appoint the Headmaster, who is ultimately responsible to them for the management not only of the Senior School, but of the Preparatory Schools at Edgecliff and St Ives as well. In practice, the day-to-day management of the Preparatory Schools is in the hands of their respective Headmasters. The Headmaster is assisted by the Bursar, Senior Master and the Deputy Headmaster.

Here are some other people you will need to know:

Deputy Headmaster

The Deputy Headmaster is in charge of the House/ Tutorial system which provides pastoral care and discipline for the boys in Forms II – VI (Years 8 – 12). Together with the Housemasters, the Deputy Headmaster manages contact between the School and parents on pastoral matters.

Deputy Headmaster (Academic)

The Deputy Headmaster (Academic) is responsible for the academic curriculum, the organisation of examinations, choices of subjects and the official entries of boys for the public examinations. The Deputy Headmaster (Academic) coordinates the work of the Subject Masters across the academic departments within the School.

Deputy Headmaster (Academic Enrichment)

The Deputy Headmaster (Academic Enrichment) is responsible, among other things, for fostering avenues for intellectual curiosity and exploration within the School. This includes oversight of Academic Extension, where the School offers many formal and informal opportunities for boys to extend their interests beyond the confines of the curriculum.

Deputy Headmaster (Co-curricular)

The Deputy Headmaster (Co-curricular) is responsible for the co-ordination of School activities outside the classroom including, camps and study tours, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, clubs and societies. The Deputy Headmaster (Co-curricular) works closely with the Sportsmaster, Director of Music, Co-ordinators of Debating and Chess and Commanding Officers of Cadets.

Master of the Lower School

The Master of the Lower School is in charge of admissions at College Street, and also looks after the boys when they arrive in Form I (Year 7). The Master of the Lower School interviews prospective pupils and is also available to those who wish to know more about the School.


Housemasters are responsible for the welfare of all the boys in their respective Houses. They oversee the work of individual tutors, ensure that parents are kept informed of problems as they arise, and organise social functions at which parents can meet other parents and their sons’ tutors. Housemasters also have an important responsibility for discipline. Boys are looked after by the Master of the Lower School when they arrive and then enter one of eight Houses in Form II (Year 8).

Subject Masters

Academic departments are run by Subject Masters, who are responsible for the curriculum in their subject, and the teaching work done by their staff.


Members of the teaching staff also act as tutors. Tutors are the primary points of contact between parents and the School. They look after a group of twelve boys and meet them every day. Once every ten days or so, they meet for a longer period during which an activity beyond the normal academic courses is undertaken.


Sport in the School is run by the Sportsmaster, who organizes games, allocates coaches, and oversees a wide range of matters from discipline and safety to the maintenance of equipment. Within each sport there is also a Director, or an Assistant Director, who is responsible for that sport’s internal efficiency. The boatshed is run by the Master of the Boatshed, who is also responsible to the Sportsmaster.

School Counsellors

Three psychologists are available for boys with personal and emotional issues or those experiencing difficulty with their schoolwork. One counsellor also offers guidance in the choice of university courses and career options.

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