Parents and Friends of the Boat Club Association

An integral part of Rowing at Grammar

The Parents and Friends Association started in an informal way in 1949 on the sidelines of a football match at Weigall. Mr MB Moore and Mr RC Purrett, both parents, learned that a new eight was urgently needed and started fostering moral and financial support amongst the wider School community. However, it was not until 1952 that the Boat Club Association was named, a constitution was adopted and Mr F Ludowici was elected as its first President.

In those days, the Association played a much more prominent role in providing boats, speedboats and oars, covering the running costs of repairs as well as establishing the rowing pool (a tank big enough to fit a four complete with rowers).

We are now fortunate that the School and the Trustees are generous in providing not only the boats but also a whole range of ancillary equipment. Hence the role of the Parents and Friends of the Boat Club Association is now primarily one of support: support for the boys, the masters and outside coaching staff. The importance of this support cannot be underestimated as it is fundamental to creating an atmosphere of good will and cheer which in turn helps each boy to row to the best of his ability and to maximise the benefits that only rowing as part of a team can bring.

Supporting the boys on Saturdays

Parents are always welcome in the shed, especially on Saturday mornings, whether dropping off, picking up, helping out or just having a chat! Saturday tends to be the day when much “sorting out” is carried out; be it clothing, crew times and so on. We encourage parents to talk to others and find one of the Committee members who will be only too willing to help with anything.

Showing your support at the regattas held during Term I is one of the most important ways of maintaining the atmosphere of the shed, and is definitely appreciated by the rowers. Regattas usually start around 8:00am and the school staging the regatta provides food and drink for sale on the shoreline.

Most regattas are held in Hen and Chicken Bay and the spectators gather at Bayview Park, Canada Bay. Directions can be found in the Boatshed. A sizeable Grammar contingent is always there. Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and binoculars.

The rowers tend to be nervous before their races and are best left alone with their coach for last minute preparations. After the Regatta or training session is therefore a great time for parents to show their support their sons and the whole crew.


During term it is important to send each rower off to school ready for his invariably busy day. As such, on mornings scheduled for Senior crew training, we support the boys by preparing breakfast. A modest charge for this is levied in the School fees. A few key helpers are also needed from both Form IV and the Senior shed. Offers of help for 15 minutes perhaps on a morning you are already dropping off your son would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday barbecues

Each Saturday there is a barbecue at the shed for the boys when they have finished training or racing. They may purchase a burger (or two, or three!) and a soft drink.

The barbecue operates on a volunteer basis and parents always needed. We try and contact most parents to help out for at least one session during the season. The barbecue coordinator will most likely contact you by phone to arrange a spot on the roster.

Current officebearers

President - Paulina Moncrieff
Secretary - Nick Slack
Treasurer - Simon Snow