The Importance and Future of Sport at Grammar

The following video offers a glimpse into the sporting life of Grammar as we plan ahead for the future of sport at the School.

A boy’s sporting experience will help him spin the wheels of that aspirational dynamism which is uniquely Grammar. From the earliest period from the classical world, the Ancient Greeks and the Romans in their footsteps placed the physicality of athletic and sporting competition alongside rhetoric, music, and poetry as integral parts of their life.

In Victorian England sports began to be integrated as educational activities that could build not only young people’s physical prowess but also help them develop self-control and a character animated by discipline and fair play.

Today a Grammar boy is typified by his respect for genuine depth, rigour and unrelenting ambition of our academic programme. Inspirational diversity can be found in music and creative arts, all of which is fundamentally energised by the boys sporting lives here at the School.

For boys at Grammar, those experiences provide avenues for personal and physical growth and create a landscape of opportunity for teamwork, camaraderie, and mutual respect.

Our plans for a major new sports centre at Weigall are intended to fundamentally support all our boys in their sporting endeavours for decades to come, and we are really excited to see this essential dimension of a Grammar education grow even stronger in the years ahead.