Sydney Grammar School and the Second World War

History master Dr MR Glozier’s research on Old Sydneians and the Second World War continues.


Included below are the brief listings for surnames beginning with M. The project aims to tell the story of Old Sydneians who participated in the Second World War.

The following nominal roll represents the eighth instalment of research into OS participants based on (a) The Sydneian list (No. 317, May 1946); (b) the School’s Liber Nominum; (c) Australian military sources (including the Australian War Memorial and websites hosted by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs).

Dr Glozier’s initial aim is to research and record a definitive list of all OS participants. If readers have any information about OS in WWII, Dr Glozier is keen to hear from you. Please write to

Norbert Keck Mason (known as Tug)

Norbert Keck Mason on a motor bike

Captain Richard Willoughby Mason who was killed in action


Note: The balance of the M surnames will be continued in the next issue of the SGS Magazine