So, what’s it like being a captain?

We share the success of some of our sport captains and their pivotal role in promoting sport.


Captain of Swords – Nayan Gallego Sivaraman

The 2022 Captain of Swords, Nayan Gallego Sivaraman (VI), started fencing in Form I as a novice. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength. In 2019, with the Junior A team he won gold at the Junior Schools Nationals, and he has fenced in the Firsts since 2021.

Fencing is one of the smaller winter sport, so the captain has an important role to play as a mentor for the entire squad. Nayan has stepped smoothly into the role and worked hard to ensure that he is approachable and relatable for all the boys.

He has been particularly successful at building up the enthusiasm of our younger fencers which is essential for the future success of Grammar fencing.

It’s also important to recognise that Nayan’s role doesn’t just involve passing out sage advice about fencing stance and the mental side of the sport. He has also taken on a large role helping the coaches at training and during competition by organising and distributing equipment and other administrative tasks. This less visible work is nonetheless essential to the smooth running of fencing, and Nayan’s role as captain has been instrumental.

Pictured: Nayan Gallego Sivaraman (VI) fencing a boy from Newington

Matthew Wahby (VI) captaining the GPS representative team.jpg

Captain of Football – Matthew Wahby

Matthew Wahby (VI) has shown great promise filtering through the Grammar football programme as a 14-year-old. He first rose to prominence as the youngest member of the First XI team in 2018.

As the Captain of Football, Matthew has had a very successful season. He was selected as captain in the GPS Open squad. Having played every minute of the CIS championships he led the GPS to the championship win over many other school associations. In the process he performed very admirably. The selectors felt the same selecting him in the NSW Schoolboys’ team.

Matthew and his teammates will compete in the National Championships scheduled on 19 and 20 August 2022. This is a wonderful opportunity for Matthew to be selected in the Australian Schoolboys’ team which traditionally travels to England to compete against their English rivals.

“It is an honour to play for the First XI. I was in Form III when approximately 400 boys cheered us on at Weigall in the Plate Cup final against Newington College. The crowd stormed the pitch when we scored the last minute goal to win the game. Memories like this last a lifetime and I hope younger footballers get the opportunity to experience what I have from school sport.”

Pictured: Matthew Wahby (VI) captaining the GPS representative team

Captain of Rugby – Sean Dimmock

Grammar Rugby Club Captain, Sean Dimmock (VI), offers his reflections on what it means to hold this important role. “As captain I feel immensely honoured to play a part in continuing the club’s rich history, dating back to the 1890s. I have played with some of my teammates for over ten years and feel grateful for the opportunity to lead them. Being captain carries a responsibility for guiding the team on the field and for extending the history of the ‘Black Jersey’ to the younger players in the club.

“Rugby at Grammar has undoubtedly seen a great deal of positive change in recent years. Our unique approach, designed for Grammar by Director of Rugby Mr Philp, is consistent throughout the whole club, from the preparatory schools to the Opens. Our coaching staff, who reinforce the Grammar structure, are world-class, with comprehensive knowledge in their specific area. There has also been a significant investment in resources such as the Gymnasium, GPS trackers and NormaTecs for recovery.

I think we will continue to gain strength as the younger players who have grown up with our method and style of rugby start to move into the senior years. “Once I leave Grammar, I will be attending St Paul’s College at the University of Sydney and plan on studying engineering and arts, but I would love to continue engaging with Grammar’s rugby programme and see its continued growth and success.

“As a sport, rugby provides valuable experience in developing vital skills that can be applied in all aspects of life and career, such as teamwork, discipline, reliability and resilience when setbacks occur. If rugby is something you are interested in, reach out to the leaders and senior players who will be delighted to welcome you and show you what it means to be part of Grammar rugby.”

Pictured: Sean Dimmock (VI) on the rugby field

Captain of Taekwondo – Jeremy Cosman

Jeremy Cosman (VI) has been a key member of the Taekwondo squad every winter season since arriving at College Street as a keen young boy. Times have changed, however, and now Jeremy has transformed himself from being an avid pupil of the martial art into an elder statesman and, indeed, esteemed leader of the squad. His deep and powerful voice guides the younger squad members and leads the team in what can only be described as enthusiastic singing of school chants at every opportunity!

Jeremy shares his thoughts on his journey toward becoming captain and his role in leading the younger team members. “My first experience of Taekwondo was my first winter season at College Street, when I was presented with my dobok (uniform) and white belt. That day, Grand Master Wyllie told us about the belt colours: ‘White belts are clean sheets of paper, ready for the author to write discipline, determination and effort’.

‘The defining moment of my martial arts career so far was grading to black belt: breaking wooden boards, demonstrating knife defences and sparring against three black belts simultaneously. As captain and a senior belt, I guide the younger belts with the experience that I have accumulated over the years, advising on techniques in patterns and sparring combinations, whilst instilling values of Taekwondo. As a team, our motivation is victory but, truthfully, it is to see each other succeed.”

Jeremy Cosman (VI) optional photo.jpg

Pictured: Jeremy Cosman (VI) showing his skill

Captain of Volleyball – Alex Lawson

As captain of Volleyball, Alex Lawson (VI) leads both the Grammar Firsts team and the entire 17-team volleyball squad.

Alex started playing volleyball in Form I in 2017, the year Grammar last won the GPS Firsts Volleyball Premiership. He lives, eats, and breathes volleyball and leads the squad in a humble and level-headed manner. His presence and leadership has been invaluable.

Alex gives some insights into how he became absorbed by this dynamic sport. “I originally chose volleyball because my older brother played, and with my competitive spirit I was determined to be better than him. I remember watching the 2017 Firsts win the premiership and sharing the excitement of rushing onto the court to help celebrate when we won. In volleyball, you get to work with a variety of people and collectively improve as a group regardless of playing position.

“If I had to give any advice to future potential volleyball players, I would say get involved as soon as possible and test your limits by trying out for state teams as soon as you start playing.”

In the future, Alex is keen to continue his volleyball career and may even pursue the challenge of heading overseas to a college in the USA or play professionally in either beach volleyball or indoor volleyball.

Pictured: Captain of Volleyball Alex Lawson (VI)