Grammarpalooza 2022

Director of Music Mr Paul Gaske reports on another fantastic night of vibrant entertainment in a packed AMT.



Mr Timothy Derricourt has produced another fantastic Grammarpalooza. He writes: “There is something thrilling about a changing of the guard: a new atmosphere; a sense that anything could happen. This year’s Grammarpalooza saw just that, with some of the School’s musical mainstays from previous years departing and a new group of over fifty aspiring musicians ready to impress the audience.

Opening the evening was Junior Rock, who wowed the crowd with their renditions of Wolfmother and AC/DC. BAAB followed it up, covering – as the name might hint – ABBA while Straight Desert let loose on the Arctic Monkeys. In their second year, youthful group WD40 played into the slacker rock vibes of Weezer before Fifth Suit mellowed the crowd with a very assured performance of Muse. The most seasoned of the acts, Eurydice, showed their skills and experience, while singer James Brew brought his incredible vocal range to a beautiful solo number later in the night. First time performer Eli Jacobson brought the audience to a state of awed silence with his own original composition, while Rubber Band and French Rap Club brought that energy way back up.

Senior Rock, the old guard of rock at the School, showed their experience, nailing both Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys. It was so pleasing to see so many Form VI performers come out of the woodwork for a maiden performance in their final year at the School, with Seven-Deuce and the Music Committee closing out the night in fine style. The crowd left buzzing and hopefully with a sense that the stage will continue to be graced with raw and delightful talent in the years to come.”

I thank Mr Derricourt and Mr Warry for their commitment and hard work towards the continued success of Grammar Rock.

Here is a video showcasing a collection of photos from the night: