A final word from our Prefects

As our 2021 Prefects depart after a year of distinguished service, Cian Bowes and David Zhang share some of the highlights of their tenure.


What a year this has been! They said 2020 was the year of COVID-19: a year of resilience and strength of spirit in the face of lockdowns and uncertainty – but nobody would have guessed that 2021 would spring from the shadows to put us all to the test once again.

Despite the obvious difficulties and setbacks of the last twelve months, on the whole we still believe that it was a memorable and successful year. We had the most successful GPS cricket and football seasons in recent memory, and we are immensely proud of those teams as we are of all the boys involved in sport who committed to it even when it returned to an online space. Our debaters won the Senior A ISDA Competition and both Firsts and Seconds GPS Premierships. We had six pupils make it into the Science Olympiad Summer Schools at the start of 2021. Our HSC cohort collected nine “First In Course” titles – five more than the next best school – as well as taking a quarter of the State’s maximum ATARs. If anything, the unfortunate circumstances of 2021 proved above all else the tenacity of Grammar boys and our ability to succeed in all our endeavours through perseverance and motivation.

Here are some highlights from our year

We also wanted to thank the Grammar community for the incredible support they showed for SANE, our chosen Prefect Charity. Together, we were able to help those living with complex mental health issues while also sending a positive message to our community and younger boys that mental health issues should not be stigmatised. All the boys showed enthusiasm for the fundraisers we were able to hold on campus including our infamous Prefect barbecues as well as some original ideas such as the Coin Rolling Competition and the inaugural Grammar Spelling Bee. However, what blew us away the most was the unparalleled support we received for the 2021 Sydney Grammar School Prefect Raffle! Thanks to that support, we set a new record for the amount of money raised by one fundraising event ($25,333) and brought our total donation to SANE to a sensational $47,463.50.

Rachel Green CEO of SANE Australia with David Zhang (VI).jpeg

Rachel Green CEO of SANE Australia with David Zhang (VI)

Fundraising events enjoyed great success

The coin rolling competition

The final week that we had back at school as the Class of 2021 was one characterised by a strange mixture of anticipation and nostalgia. The Leavers’ Assembly was a very emotional official farewell to the School as we celebrated six years between the charming walls of College Street. We hope that this year boys will be able to enjoy the School properly in person in a way that we weren’t for a large chunk of our final year. Boys should cherish it while they’re still there.

We wish everyone all the best for 2022.