St Ives Preparatory School

St Ives is a unique place which caters especially for lively boys who are intellectually curious, creative and display an enthusiasm for learning. Our aim is to provide a learning environment that is both rich and challenging and encourages independence and deep thinking. We seek to build a culture where learning is held in high regard and doing your best is rewarded.

Even though the facilities at St Ives are outstanding with spacious grounds and large open classrooms, our focus is on building connections between people. Our teachers know their boys well and seek to give them the opportunity to blossom intellectually, socially and emotionally. This community thrives on a culture of mutual respect as we seek to educate the heart and mind. We want our boys to grow up into creative, intuitive and sensitive young men.

St Ives boys lead a very busy and productive school life. They participate in a variety of programmes including Music, Science, Drama, Debating, Visual Arts, Languages, Chess and of course, Sport. The swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts are in constant use as are the two main ovals for Cricket, Rugby and Football.

Schools can make extravagant claims and promises. Grammar was founded with the one aim in mind – the preparation of talented boys for advanced study, ultimately university. If you think your son could benefit from what we have to offer, please get in touch with us. You should join one of the regular tours, or come to our annual Open Day. We’d love to hear from you.

Mr Ian Stephens
Headmaster St Ives Preparatory