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Saturday Training and Regatta Arrangements

Saturday Regatta Arrangements


Senior’s and Year 10 VIII’s
Senior VIII’s and IV’s - Arrival time at Boat Shed 6:00am departure time 10:30am
Year 10 VIII’s - Arrival time at Boat Shed 6:00 am departure time 10:30 am

Year 8 and 9 Quads Competing at the Sydney Boys High Regatta Hen and Chicken Bay
Year 8 Quads - Arrival time at boat shed 6:30am (race times 8:00 am > 9:00am)
Pick time for Year 8 quads from 9:30am
Year 9 Quads - Arrival time at Boat shed 7:30am (race times 9:00 am > 9:55am)
Pick time for Year 9 Quads from 10:00am

Form I Rowers Rowing
Form I Rowers - Arrival time at Boat shed 8:30 am
Pick time for Form I Rowers 11:00am