This week's fixtures

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AAGPS Online - Please follow this link for general advance information about the year's fixtures.

- New Time    - New Venue    RED - Cancelled Event     # - Indoor Venue
SJC - St Joseph’s College, NC - Newington College, SPC - St Patrick’s College Strathfield.

Details of Saturday sports fixture are uploaded to the website after the Sports Office has received confirmation of the venue and time for each game from the relevant opposition school.  The School will endeavour to upload the Saturday fixture each Tuesday by 4pm, but this will not always be possible. 

The date and time at the top right hand corner of the fixtures page indicates when the page was last updated.  The Sports Office will only update the information if there has been a last minute decision to change the venue or time.  Venue and time information will not be changed after 3pm Friday. However, cancellations due to the prevailing weather conditions at the venue may occur after this time, and will be marked on the website as soon as possible.

Each Saturday, please check the information on the fixtures page before leaving home.  Cancellations of games due to weather conditions will start to appear from 7.15am Saturday morning.  Information concerning cancellations will also be recorded on the message bank on the College St Wet Weather line: 9990 8129.

Sports Information/Wet Weather: 9990 8129

Emergency Numbers


If on a Saturday, a boy is unable to play due to illness or other emergency, please observe the following procedures.

1. Call the coach (number is distributed by the coach to the boys in the team)

2. If the coach is not contactable then call the appropriate number below:

3. A message may be left on the Sportsmasters Assistant's number of 9332 5832

Basketball 0408 637 137 Rugby 0404 107 680
Cricket 0425 533 052 Football 0450 037 913
Tennis 0438 635 667 Cross Country 0432 916 932
Rowing 0408 270 896 Swimming 0416 243 656
Basketball Referees 0419 494 030 Athletics 0404 876 557
Rifles   Fencing 0413 318 242