Musicianship classes at College Street are offered in Grades 2-6. Private Musicianship lessons are available at all levels and may be relevant to boys wishing to study Grades 5 and 6 in conjunction with AMus and LMus examinations.

Musicianship is offered principally for boys who are advanced instrumentalists doing AMEB exams. The AMEB sets Musicianship as a prerequisite for practical examinations as follows:

Practical Guide Prerequisite Level & Course offered at Grammar
Sixth Grade Pass Second Musicianship
Seventh Grade Pass Third Musicianship
Eighth Grade Pass Fourth Musicianship
AMusA Pass Fifth Musicianship
LMusA Pass Sixth Musicianship

It is therefore expected that advanced instrumentalists undertaking AMEB exams will study Musicianship in the Preps and/or be able to demonstrate a level of knowledge equivalent to that of Grade 1 Musicianship if wishing to enrol in Grade 2.

Musicianship application form 2017 Musicianship application form 2017 (192 KB)