1. Instruments Offered

We offer tuition in the following:

String Department Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (steel string), Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar
Woodwind Department Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone
Brass Department French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba
Percussion Department Percussion (Orchestral), Drum Kit
Vocal Department Singing, Jazz Singing
Keyboard Department Piano (Classical/For Leisure), Jazz Piano, Pipe Organ, Harpsichord

For a list of instruments offered, please refer to the list on the Application Form (previous page). Please note that enrolment in some instruments is subject to the fulfilment of prerequisite standards, and that places are limited in piano, saxophone, drum kit and guitar. Details are on the lesson application sheet. Musicianship classes (Grades 2 to 6 only) are offered principally for boys who are advanced instrumentalists sitting AMEB examinations. The AMEB sets Musicianship as a prerequisite for some practical examinations.

2. Instrument Hire

The School possesses a limited number of some of the above instruments available for hire for a period of one year. This gives the boys an opportunity to test their skill and interest, and delays the purchase of an instrument. However, after this period, parents are expected to buy an instrument (the more expensive instruments are usually excepted).

3. Timetable

Lessons are given during the day on a system of rotation, whereby any one subject is generally not missed more than twice in a term, thus virtually eliminating any adverse effect on the school work. One lesson per week is given throughout the school year so that, even allowing for interruptions for examinations, excursions etc., boys will receive thirty lessons during the year. If time allows, extra instrumental lessons in excess of the standard thirty per year will be given and these lessons will be charged for on a pro rata basis. Priority for out of school hours lessons is given to Forms V and VI boys, and boys learning two or more instruments at the School

4. Progress and Ensemble Participation

Lessons will be continued only if a boy makes satisfactory progress, and this will be achieved by regular practice. When a boy has reached a satisfactory standard, he is expected to take part in a group activity appropriate to his ability—in most cases, a band, orchestra or choir. All boys learning piano will participate in either the choral programme or in an additional keyboard class. Such participation is mandatory for boys in Forms I to IV who learn an instrument at the School, but is not compulsory thereafter except for boys in Elective Music. The rehearsal schedule is published on the School’s webpage at: Ensembles and rehearsal schedules

5. Fees 2018

Instrumental Lessons (40 minutes) $2,603.89  (for 30 lessons) (incl $7.00 for the Record Book)
Extra Instrumental Lessons
(in excess of the standard 30 per year)
$86.80 per lesson
Instrument Hire $55.00 per term
Musicianship Group Lessons $250.00 for the course and textbook

Please feel free to telephone me on 9332 5886 or email to rjw@sydgram.nsw.edu.au if you wish to discuss any of the above or if you have any queries at all.

Application For Instrumental Music Lessons Application For Instrumental Music Lessons (345 KB)

Robert Wagner
Master-in-Charge, Practical Music Studies