GPS Debating Competition

Please note carefully the start times for debates in this competition, which may not agree with previous social debates or with ISDA or Eastside in Terms I and II. There have also been changes to start times in the GPS Competition in recent years.

Years 7, 8, 9 teams receive topics at 5:20pm and debate at 6:30pm following 45 minutes prep (5:45pm–6:30pm). Years 10, Thirds, Seconds and Firsts teams receive topics at 6:10pm and debate at 7:30pm following 1 hour preparation (6:30pm–7:30pm).

Year 7 3–4 minutes Year 10 5–7 minutes
Year 8 3–4 minutes 1st-3rd 5–7 minutes
Year 9 4–5 minutes    


There will be buses arranged for all away debates. There will be NO return buses. Note that the buses depart to arrive in time for the Year 8-9 topic distribution at 5:20pm, so boys need to come prepared to keep busy in the interim time. As usual, there will be a bus-booking sheet at Masters' Reception.

Sides (In ALL years)

Allocation of Affirmative and Negative sides for debates will be decided by a coin toss on the night. One coin toss will be made at 5:30pm for the junior debates and a second coin toss at 6:20pm for the senior debates.

Home Debates

Topics are given out in the Alastair Mackerras Theatre Foyer (AMTF) and debates will be held in the Palladium building levels 1–3. The Firsts debate will be held in the Palladium Theatre in the bottom level of the Palladium building.

GPS Debating Fixtures


Further information

Further information about the competition may be found on the GPS debating website.